How did Marshall&Co start?

We started during lockdown, and wanted to creating our own vegan chocolate, that would be all about the beans, butter and flavours, rather than the sugar.

Is Marshall&Co soya free?

All of our products are soya free

What do you use instead of milk powder?

We use oat flour and coconut milk powder, which are both dairy free and gluten free

Are your products nut free?

We don’t use any nuts in our products.

Our beans are roasted in an oven where nuts may be present, but the rest of our production happens in a nut free zone.

Is Marshall&Co Organic?

Marshall&Co is not currently certified organic. However, all the products that we use are organic, and we plan to become certified soon.

Where do you delivery to?

We only delivery to places that are in UK Mainland, at the moment.

How long is delivery?

Delivery will take 2-4 working days

How much do I have to spend to get free delivery?

You will need to spend £20 to get free delivery.

What Should I do if any product is damaged?

If you receive any of the product that is damage, then please email- hello@marshallandco.co.uk with your order number and a photo of the damage. 

I didn't receive the products I paid for?

If you didn’t receive any of the products you paid for, then please email- hello@marshallandco.co.uk with your order number. 

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